Cameras and lenses, as excellent as they are, are not perfect. More than that, the physics involved means cameras distort reality. What??!! What do you mean, "distort reality?" I spent over $2K on that lens - how dare you say it distorts anything let alone reality.

Sorry, but it does. Try this test, set a lens to f/2, focus on something three feet away and take a picture. The depth of field - what's actually in focus - will be three feet plus or minus 0.03 feet. (I'm using my camera here - yours may differ slightly.) Now just look at the object with your eyes. Your depth of field is significantly greater than 0.06 feet, isn't it? So, obviously, the answer to the question "Is that what it looked like?" is No, I used a camera to make the picture. This is just one example. There are others.

The untouched results from a camera aren't "reality" or what a human would see. An unadjusted frame from a camera has no emotional connection to what I was feeling when I made the picture. So, yes, I process the pictures in an attempt to interpret the scene and make it similar to what I was feeling when I made the picture.

That's my goal: to refine a picture until it reflects what I was feeling when I made the capture. Hopefully these pictures capture some of those feelings for you.